Given the fact that everyone, in some point of life, suffers from one health condition or the other, there was a compelling need for the professionals to take an oath to promote the wellness of their fellow Indians. Diseases are progressive most of the times, but they can be controlled/prevented, all you need to do is either pay regular visits to your doctor or spend some time on the internet and look briefly into the best blogs on health, to prevent the health issues from popping up.

It’s time each one of us must realize that enlightening ourselves about the causes, symptoms, and remedies of an illness way before it debilitates our organs, is necessary. And perhaps this is the main reason why Dixit Health Learning, a full-fledged health website has been created – to help you eliminate the chronic diseases from occurring by introducing to you the factors that favor them, symptoms, and preventive measures to eradicate them, before time.

Dixit Health Learning is a venture created by a health care expert, Pawan Kumar Dixit – a Biotechnology graduate and Post Graduate in Management who has earned many Certificate in the field of science. Though he hails from Bihar, he has made it through in his career by traveling across India to find out the most common health conditions people and society as a whole are struggling with. His keen observation has led him to take this path that, in all possible and probable ways, can help you embrace health and well-being to the core.

Take the preventive care, live life pain-free and without developing a disease.