Top secret facts of Junk foods – Diseases Caused By Junk foods

Diseases caused by junk foods

Top secret facts of Junk foods – Diseases Caused By Junk foods

Eating trend has been changed and people wanted to eat tasty and packed food because it is ready to eat. This is the reason many people have shifted from healthy or organic foods to Junk foods. Junk food is the food which is processed and having the low amount of nutritional value and contains the high amount of carbohydrates, trans fat, additive sugar, salt and chemicals which are not good for health. As well as Junk food does not contain fiber. Junk food is an umbrella term, means there is the range of food comes under this umbrella-like -Burger, Pizza, Pastries, Biscuits, Backed goods, Crackers and cookies and many more. Junk Foods are not at all good for health. As there are many diseases caused by junk foods are as – Obesity, Heart Diseases, Respiratory Problem, bone problem and much more than you will learn in this article.

The main purpose of this article is to make you aware of Junk food and diseases caused by Junk foods. As many people are not aware of the harmful effects of Junk foods. Awareness about the diseases caused by Junk foods is the first step towards becoming a healthy life.


Diseases caused by Junk foods


There are many diseases are caused because of Junk foods. These are as follows-

  1. Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases –Junk Foods contain a high amount of carbohydrates. Your digestive system breaks down the carbohydrates and converts it into glucose. As glucose level increase in your body, pancreas release the insulin and transport this glucose to the body cells for the use of energy. After some time again glucose level of the body will come down and become normal. By eating frequent junk food, high amount of carbohydrates can lead to repeated to the spike of glucose or blood sugar level. But over the time the spike of glucose and insulin, your body becomes insulin resistant and you will start gaining body weight and it is the initial cause of Type-2-Diabetes.
  2. Hypertension – Cause of Hypertension is directly linked to sodium level. High intake of sodium increases your blood pressure and put the pressure on the arteries of Heart. High intake of sodium in your bloodstream badly damage the balance and reduce the ability of the kidney to remove water and this water put the pressure on the blood vessel and cause hypertension.
  3. Heart Diseases – As junk foods contain a high amount of Carbohydrates, trans fat, and sodium which is the basic cause of Heart Diseases. Trans Fat is the manufactured fat created during processing. Trans fats are mainly found in the pizza, Pastries, Cookies etc. No amount or Zero amount of trans fat is good for health. As Junk food increase the level of Low LDL(Low-density lipoprotein) that is bad for the body.LDL build the fat and deposit fats into the arteries and cause blood pressure and lead to heart Diseases. There are many diseases caused by Junk foods.
  4. Respiratory Problem- Respiratory problems comes under the diseases caused by junk foods. Many times junk foods lead to obesity and obesity may lead to a respiratory problem like asthma and shortness of breath. As you have seen that obese people feel difficulty in walking, climbing stairs. It happens because obesity put the pressure on the heart and Lungs.
  5. Reproductive issue – In some of the cases reproductive issue comes under diseases caused by junk foods. Some of the junk foods contain chemical called-phthalates. Phthalates interrupt your reproductive hormone, more exposure to this chemical leads to reproductive issues.
  6. Arthritis – There are chances of arthritis because of junk foods as junk foods increase obesity. Obesity or body weight is the cause of osteoarthritis.
  7. Skin and Hair Problems – Carbohydrate foods increase blood sugar level repeatedly. The sudden jump of the blood glucose level is the reason for acne.
  8. Bones Problems – Junk food also causes acidity, acidity cause reflux of acid into the mouth which affects your teeth. Junk food also increases obesity which affects your bone badly with many complications and bone density and muscles mass.
  9. Liver Problem – Junk foods do not distribute properly for the digestion. As Junk food contains trans fat that does not metabolize and accumulated on or around the lever, which may affect your liver and leads to inflammation, scarred and finally liver damage.
  10. Sleep Apnea – It is a condition when people wake up several times in a night because of stop breathing. Its main cause is obesity and acidity that is strongly related to Junk food consumption.
  11. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – It is found in female and it causes infertility. The women having higher body weight has the higher chance of this diseases. It leads to excessive hair growth and irregular menstrual cycle.

These all are top 11 diseases caused by junk foods. Apart from the above diseases, there are diseases which are associated with fast food obesity like – glucose intolerance, angina, hernia, and Osteoarthritis.

As I have earlier mentioned that awareness is the first step towards prevention or precaution. That is why everybody should know about Junk Foods and Diseases caused by Junk Foods.

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  1. Another conformation why I’m glad I’ve turned veggie! So many more health issues arising from all the sat food places, shame it all tastes so flipping good!

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