Best Food Habits That Can Halt GERD or Heart Burn

Avoid Acid Reflux food


GERD that is Gastroesophageal Reflux diseases is the most common disease which occurs in all categories of age group. Its symptoms are heartburn, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness, sleep apnea, etc. It hampers your Quality of life. To improve the Quality of life, You need to focus on your lifestyle and diet along with medication.GERD or Heartburn mainly associated with your foods and lifestyle and hence everybody should avoid acid reflux food which causes GERD.

Over the counter prescription medicine and antacids are the most common treatment for GERD or to reduce the symptoms. But there are some changes in dietary habits or lifestyle play a major role to control the GERD or Heartburn or Acid Reflux and hence people should know about what are foods which cause or increase the chances of GERD so that they can avoid acid reflux food.



Fruits –Citrus fruits or juice should be avoided like–Orange, lemon, pineapple, tomato, etc. and there is non-citrus food like Banana, apple, melon, and pears should add in your diet to improve Acid reflux.

Vegetables – Tomato, garlic, onion, the spicy and fried vegetable should not add to your daily diet because it affects the Lower esophageal sphincter(LES).

Fast Foods – Fast foods include Pizza, Burger, Chips, Hot Dogs,Soft drink and many more are the foods which increase the chance of high acid production in the stomach because it contains high amount of fat, salt, sugar, carbohydrates which do not digest easily so for their digestion more amount HCL release from parietal cells and finally, it causes acid reflux.Avoid acid reflux food

Spicy and fried foods – Spicy and fried foods contain the high amount of fat which is one of the reasons for the acid reflux

Chocolate – Chocolate contains the high amount of fat, caffeine, and cocoa which cause Acid Reflux and hence it should be avoided to protect yourself from GERD.

Creamed foods and soup – Creamed Foods and soup contain the high amount of fat and Sugar which cause more acid production and leads to Acid Reflux or Heart Burn.

Avoid Alcohol – A study was published in the American Journal of medicine in 1999, found that the people who take alcohol more than seven drink per week were more likely to have acid reflux.

Quit Smoking – As you know that smoking badly damages your lungs and heart but for your information smoking also increase the risk of GERD or Acid reflux. Smoking also causes bile salt to migrate from the small intestine into the stomach and reduce the Saliva. Saliva helps to flush the stomach acid from the esophagus as well as also contain acid-fighter that is Bicarbonate.

Avoid chewing gum and hard candy because they increased the amount of swallowed air which in turn, leads to belching and acid reflux.

Head-Up and Sleep Better – Sleep in the inclined position, elevate your head up to 6 to 8 inches. Research shows that head up helps stomach acid drain quickly from the esophagus.

Avoid to wear tight fit Clothes – Tight Fit clothes around the waist increase the pressure around the stomach which cause acid reflux

Healthy Weight – Try to maintain a healthy weight because excessive weight (obesity) put pressure on the stomach and cause acid reflux into the food pipe.

Avoid red meat and yolk of the egg.

Do not lie down just after taking a meal.

Avoid carbonated drink and beverages.

Avoid chocolate, coffee, and Tea.

All the above-mentioned foods increase or trigger the acid reflux or GERD which affect overall your daily routine. That is why every individual should know the foods so that they can avoid acid reflux food for their better life.

Here there are many tips mentioned related to your lifestyle, to maintain or live your life GERD free follow it-

1. Do not lie down just after taking a meal.

2. Do not eat too much once, always try to eat the small meal for the number of times.

3. Take dinner minimum of 2 hr before to bed.

GERD is the problem which hampers your quality of life and if it is ignored then it causes many complications like-Esophagitis, Esophageal bleeding, Ulcer, Respiratory problem, Sleep Apnea, Barret Esophagus. So if you wanted to protect yourself from this kind of problem then avoid acid reflux food.

A to Z GERD Management

Everybody who is suffering from GERD or Acidity or HeartBurn they should know the A to Z GERD Management.

A – Avoid consumption of Spicy foods.

B – Take Banana with chilled milk relieves acidity.

C – Cut down the consumption of alcohol and aerated drinks.

D – Do not drink a large quantity of water immediately before or after meals.

E – Eat fruits with high fiber content like Papaya, pear, etc.

F – Fried foodstuff should be avoided.

G – Go for GERD friendly foods item like curd, chilled milk, etc.

H – Head end of the bed should be elevated while sleeping. It reduces night-time acid reflux.

I – Include high fiber food item like whole grain, fresh fruits, Green Vegetable, etc in your daily diet.

J – Avoid Junk foods like Pizza, Burger.

K – Keep your mealtime constant and eat your meal on time.

L – Lying down just after the meal should be avoided.

M – Meal should be taken every 3 – 4 hrs and in small quantity.

N – NSAID (Pain Killers) worsen reflux symptoms. Take it only with consultant advice.

O – Obesity leads to GERD, weight loss help to reduce acid reflux.

P – Protein-rich diet is healthy stuff and easy to digest. So eat it.

Q – Quit smoking, smoking leads to irritation of the esophagus and worsen GERD symptoms.

R – Reduce intake of non-vegetarian food like red meat.

S – Snacking on chocolates, peppermint should be avoided before bedtime as they cause nighttime acidity.

T – Tea and Coffee consumption should be limited or avoid.

U – Unhealthy roadside citrus fruit juices should be avoided.

V – Visit your family physician if your symptoms of acidity do not improve.

W – Wearing tight clothing especially around the abdomen trigger the reflux.

X – Exercise regularly. Take a brisk walk to remain and avoid GERD.

Y – Yoga should be included in the daily workout regime.

Z – Zinc containing foodstuff like Flaxseed, pumpkin are good for GERD.


Acid Reflux or GERD is the most common problem that every people are facing nowadays. But it can be managed by avoiding the acid reflux foods and lifestyle changes.

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