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Home remedies for asthma

In spite of having a minor impact, an asthma attack can very quickly turn out to be dangerous. During an asthma attack, the lungs airways get blocked and inflamed giving rise to breathing difficulties. This can at times prove to be life-threatening. There are home remedies for asthma which also provide instant relief from asthma. And hence the asthmatic person can try this home remedies.

Statistics worldwide shows that roughly 34 million Americans endure asthma wherein 7 to 8 million of them are children. What’s more, asthma is costing the US a whopping sum of money, nearly $14.7 billion a year in terms of prescription drugs, medical costs, and obviously lost productivity. This health adversity led many people to search for alternative treatments in the form of home remedies for asthma.

Since asthma drugs may help control symptoms but may also make it worse in the long term, these medications are increasingly being avoided for their side effects as they affect the endocrine and immune systems as well in addition to being expensive. Making significant lifestyle changes and opting for in-house remedies or home treatments can help you manage and get relief from asthma and all its symptoms effectively without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Home Remedies For Asthma

Given the seriousness of asthma attacks, treating their symptoms at home can quickly avert them from escalating. Given below are some of the home treatments that can prove to be really effective in the onset of emergency asthma attacks.

1.   Eucalyptus Oil –

Eucalyptus present in Eucalyptus Oil has the ability to break mucus down that makes it easy for clearing out nasal passageways that are blocked. Make sure you inhale this oil, the eucalyptus during the onset of an asthma attack by pouring some oil drops on a napkin or a towel and when you are sleeping put it close to your nose and ensure a good night sleep. Also, to facilitate better breathing you may also add a few oil drops into a bowl of boiled hot water and inhale the steam directly.

2.   Mustard Oil –

Many people choose to utilize essential oils for asthma, among them mustard oil is one of the best emergency home remedies out there that provides immediate asthma relief. However, mustard oil must not be confused with mustard essential oil. Mustard seed oil provides relief from an asthma attack as it unblocks the air passageways, thus improving lung function.

Use mustard (seed) oil by massaging the mixture of warm mustard oil with salt into your chest several times a day until symptoms subside.

3.   Caffeine –

You know asthma can get treated by the caffeine present in coffee and black or green tea. Caffeine is a boon for asthma patients. Because it clears the airways and improves the breathing function thus provides relief from asthma up to 4 hrs. To get help in an emergency with asthma attack, black tea and coffee can still come to the rescue when you’re left sans your inhaler. Of course, for faster relief, the coffee or tea should be warm enough.

4.   Sit Upright –

Home remedies for asthma need not be all substance and no soul. You can become that very instrument or the remedy for asthma with the help of your body. Never did you know that maintaining a good posture could also mean opening up your airways to allow you to breathe more effectively and thus get rid of asthma naturally. Thus sitting upright with the right posture will as much as possible unblock your air passageway.

On the contrary, lying down could make it harder for you to breathe. Yet some people find it better to carry on the posture with the help of a chair or having someplace that they can sit and lean back against.

5.   Take Slow, Deep Breaths –

In a similar vein to the previous remedy, take very slow and deep breaths during the onset of this emergency attack. Trying to take slow and deep breaths can be super challenging during the attack although it may offer several benefits. Firstly, it prevents hyperventilation which usually makes it inefficient to help you breathe well, thus resulting in getting less oxygen. Deep breaths can help you stay calm in the midst of an emergency by evoking a relaxing response. Secondly, staying calm can even save you from chest tightening that makes it even harder to breathe.

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Other Precautions for Asthma Prevention

One best way to prevent asthma attacks is to avoid common, known irritants like pollen, mold, cold air, and dust. You can also get annual vaccination for flu and pneumonia that can prevent asthma flare-ups originated by viruses.

You should always carry your prescribed medicine even you feel well for the preventive step from an asthma attack, off late.

Having a plan in place ready with your doctor can make you prepared for any potential attacks in the future as these attacks can come on suddenly and flare up very quickly. It also helps to keep symptoms at bay while acting promptly when they arise to stop them from further escalating.

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