Dengue Fever – Early signs and symptoms,cause and Preventions

Early Signs and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Dengue is a kind of fever which is characterized by high fever, rashes on body, muscles and joint pain. It mainly occurs because of dengue viruses ( DNV1, DNV2, DNV3 or DNV4). This virus is transmitted to the human body through mosquito bites.Means mosquito act as a dengue virus vector.If it is not diagnosed well on time it causes complications which leads to the death. So it is required to know the early signs and symptoms of dengue fever.

Dengue infections occur worldwide but its more common in the tropical and subtropical region of the world.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Early signs and symptoms of dengue fever usually begin 4-7 days after the bite of mosquitoes.

  • High Fever
  • Rashes on the body.It disappears and again appears on the body.
  • Muscles Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Pain at the behind of eyes
  • Feeling of Nausea
  • Vomiting

If Dengue is not treated well over time it converts in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF).

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is the Severe form of Dengue. It is Characterized by following symptoms-

  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Cold
  • Bleeding from nose and gum
  • Blackish Toilet
  • Blood in urine and stools
  • Body is restless

Cause of Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever happens because of virus infection ( any one of the four virus-like -DNV1, DNV@, DNV3 or DNV4).Virus infection is transmitted to the human body through Mosquitoes bites.

When Mosquitoes bites to the person infected with dengue virus, the dengue virus enter into the mosquito.This mosquito act as the vector of dengue virus.


If dengue is not treated well over the time it becomes severe dengue.

Severe dengue can damage the liver, lungs, and heart also.Some time blood pressure drops down to the dangerous level, it causes shock and even in some cases it is the reason for death.

So it is very important to know the early signs and symptoms of Dengue fever to get early treatment.

Treatment of Dengue Fever

There is no specific treatment for the Dengue Fever as it is the viral infections.However, it can be managed or treat with timely interventions-

  • Prevent Dehydration – In dengue individual suffer from high fever and vomiting, which cause dehydration.That is why the individual should drink clean water, coconut water, salt and sugar mixed water.
  • Painkiller – Mainly Paracetamol is advice for pain relief or to reduce fever. NSAID (NOn-steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs) Like- Ibuprofen and aspirin are not adviced as it increases the risk of inner bleeding.

In Severe Cases

  • The intravenous liquid is used
  • Hospitalization is required
  • In some cases, blood transfusion is used.

Prevention of The Dengue Fever

Till the time there is no vaccine for dengue.It means you can prevent yourself from dengue only by avoiding mosquitoes bites.

Any person who is traveling or living in the area of mosquitoes.They can prevent by many ways to protect from mosquitoes bites.

  • Cover Your Body – Try to exposed less body part by wearing full sleeves shirts or top, Full trousers, shoes or shocks.
  • Use Mosquito Nets – Use the mosquito net, for protecting yourself from mosquito bites.
  • Use Net on the windows that will act as a barrier which does not allow mosquitoes to enter the home.
  • Avoid moving outside at evening and at night.
  • Do not store water for the longer period as mosquito breed into the water.
  • Change the water cooler regularly.
  • Remove excess water from plant tub or plant plates.

Important Facts About Dengue Fever-

  • Dengue infection does not transmit from one person to another person.
  • It can be transmitted if a mosquito bite to the infected person then bites to the normal person.The normal person can suffer after bites.
  • Dengue Transmitted through the mosquito bite.
  • Dengue symptoms generally begin after 7 days of the mosquito bite.
  • Early diagnosis is helpful for the management.

I hope after reading this article, you become aware of the early sign and symptoms of dengue fever, cause, and prevention of Dengue Fever.



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