Top Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp: Everything You Need to Know

Himalayan salt lamp

Do you happen to be in love with the soothing and relaxing warm glow coming from a campfire and you are searching for something to bring you the exact calm feeling in your home? If so, we have just the solution for you – Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps. Seen in homes, yoga and relaxing massages studios, over the past few years these type of lamps have gained quite the popularity amongst people from all around the world and for a number of reasons. So let’s learn more about health and other benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp.

If this is your first time hearing about this type of lamps, no worries, we got you covered, we`ve gathered all of the important information for you.

Give a read to find out everything you need to know.

What are these Salt Lamps?

As simple as the name says it, what do Himalayan Salt Lamps are basically lamps made from large chunks of salt mined straight from the Himalayas commonly from the Punjab region of Pakistan. Additionally, when a light bulb or a small candle is placed in the hollow space inside of these chunks, prepare for a soft and relaxing glow to overflow in your home. Visually appealing and soothing, feel how the stress lifts of your eyelashes and your entire body unwinds in the comfort of your own home.

Besides the most common salt rock shape, these lamps come in other numerous sizes and shapes as well. Unique glowing baskets filled with salt rocks; modern and practical USB lamps; hand-crafted decorative lamps in the shape of an egg, rectangle, Christmas tree, or pyramid; candle holders made from Himalayan Salt which can be placed near your bathtub, on your nightstand, or maybe you can light up a scented candle while practicing yoga or meditating; or how about a tiny night lamp which can be easily plugged in the socket near your bed or in the hallway?

How these Salt Lamps Works?

Now that we`ve explained what are these lamps and given you plenty of examples where and how to place them around your home, it is only fair to elaborate how they actually work and why they`ve become a must-have item for each and every home.

First things first, in order to fully grasp the idea behind these lamps, we can start by mentioning the usage of the Himalayan salt itself. The chances are you`ve probably heard that numerous people have already replaced the ordinary salt in their household with a Himalayan one. However, you were never curious enough to find out why they`ve done such a step.

The truth behind why people choose Himalayan salt over the ordinary one lies within its composition. Besides the ordinary element sodium chloride, this special type of salt has almost fifteen percent of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, borate, calcium, sulfate, strontium, fluoride, bicarbonate, and bromide. Hence of these rare minerals, the Himalayan salt can create an electrolyte and pH balance in the body, increase hydration and water content, regulate the work of the thyroid gland, prevent muscle cramps and strengthen bones, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, etc.

Now that you`ve had your short chemistry lesson and you do know the Himalayan salt`s composition, we are going back to our Himalayan crystal Salt Lamps. You should definitely know that directly because of the specific composition, lamps radiate the distinguishable reddish/pinkish glow.

However, other than their visual aspect-the dim, amber light they emit, these lamps are preferred because of two main reasons. Firstly because they tend to purify the indoor air and secondly because it is believed that they are natural ionizers meaning they can change the electrical charge of the indoor air.

How Salt Lamps Purify and Ionize the Air?

Well, it is a known fact that the salt itself is hygroscopic meaning it attracts water molecules. In this case, besides attracting the water molecules they also attract the allergens and pollutants held in the water itself too. This way, once the water molecules plus the other particles land on the heated lamp, the water evaporates and the hazardous remaining are attached to the salt.

In this process of purifying, many sources and researches claim that salt lamps are able to generate negative ions too. Wondering why this aspect is important? Negatively charged ions in the air are “held accountable” for numerous benefits such as an increased flow of oxygen to the brain, increased alertness, decreased irritation and drowsiness, and improved mental health and energy. In your home, the negative ions released from the salt lamps will neutralize the positive ions which are believed to be energetically draining.

Usually, they (the negative ions) in nature can be found around all sorts of water resources such as waterfalls and beaches. Yes, now you know the reason why a ten-day vacation on the beach can have a miraculous effect for both your physical and mental health.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Now that we`ve discussed the way salt lamps purify and ironize the air, we must also explain all of their health benefits.

1. Improving Air Quality

One of the most important aspects of these lamps is their ability to improve the quality of the air we are breathing inside our homes. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are especially recommended for people who suffer from allergies (dust, pet dander, mold, mildew), respiratory-related diseases (cystic fibrosis, bronchitis), or asthma.

As we previously mentioned, these lamps purify the air by attracting the water particles together with all the allergens inside of it (hygroscopic properties). The water evaporates leaving the surface of the lamp covered in dust and pollutants and the air-harmful particles-free. These lamps are suitable not only for removing airborne germs from the air but also for filtrating the air from tiny foreign particles which end up in your lungs and cause all sorts of flu-like problems such as coughing, sneezing, and sore throat.

Place a salt lamp in your home and you can kiss the contaminants from the air goodbye!

2. Improve Respiratory Problem

You can cure and improve the respiratory problem just by placing the Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom. As it improves the air quality and reduces the dust particles, dirt and pollen grain which accelerate the symptoms of respiratory ailments.

So to reduce the symptoms of respiratory ailments you can choose the Himalayan salt lamps.

  •  Helpful in Bronchitis 

Bronchitis is the inflammation of lungs airways when the mucus present in the bronchi become inflamed then it causes chronic infection in the body. There are two kinds of Bronchitis – Chronic and Acute. In bronchitis, the patients will go through difficult breathing.  In chronic bronchitis, the patients may face long coughing sessions.

These coughing sessions are the result of humidity and dirt, and crystal salt lamps are the best way to fight against these issues. You can place a pink color rock salt lamp in your surrounding or make a routine of salt therapy. Many people use to spend their times in salt caves that increase the strength of their body and immune system. In this way, they can fight in a better way against chronic bronchitis.

  • Provides Relief from Allergies

Dust particles, dirt, pollen grain, humidity, etc. increase the symptoms of allergies and makes the patients condition more worsen. Himalayan Salt lamps are useful to decrease the dust particle and make the pleasant soothing and calm.

3. Improve your sleep pattern

Nowadays, we are living in an era so technologically developed that we are literally constantly surrounded by modern light sources such as mobiles, tablets, and computers which emit a lot of blue light. This particular light is harmful, especially for our sleeping patterns and hormones.

On the contrary, the warm soft glow from a pink salt lamp which can often resemble the natural hues seen in campfires and candle lights often has a positive effect on our mood and sleeping pattern. You can use your Himalayan salt lamp as a night light guilt-free, knowing that you won`t have trouble falling asleep.  Besides, I am sure we can all agree that there is not a single person who can resist the relaxing ambiance these lamps create. Once you enter your home, turn your salt lamp on-reduce the stress you are feeling, charge your batteries-energize!

4. Balance electromagnetic radiation inside the home

Not only blue light, but the appliances around us also emit positive ions into the air, and we already know that they can be harmful. Constant everyday accumulation of these positive ions can lead to increased electromagnetic radiation which although cannot be seen, it can cause some long-term effects such as increased stress, low energy levels, and even weaken the immune system.

Luckily, all of the above can be avoided by purchasing a pink salt lamp for your home. As we`ve previously said, it will emit negative ions and neutralize the positive ones.  This will help you increase your energy levels, concentration, and even the levels of the neurotransmitter called serotonin which is the chemical of happiness, all within the comfort of your own home!

Apart from the above mentioned Health benefits of Himalayan Salt lamp, there are many other benefits which makes us pleasant and calm.

Where to place your salt lamps for maximum benefits?

  • In the bedroom (since we`ve spoken about all the perks of these lamps, we can all conclude together that one of the best spots to put your Himalayan salt lamp is in the bedroom; surely this is the place where you sleep thus consequentially you can work on improving your sleeping patterns whilst having appropriate night light)
  • In the living room (the living room is probably the second area in your home where you spend most of your spare time, therefore, placing a salt lamp there will not only help you relax but also it will take your interior to a completely new level)
  • In the bathroom (this area is another great spot where you can place a salt lamp especially near your bathtub; imagine a bubble bath in a dim soft ambient and your favorite music playing)
  • In your personal library; the spot where you do yoga or meditate

Himalayan salt lamp

Summary of Health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Bottom Line

These salt lamps have quite a distinguishable and unique beauty! Their soft no-blue light will bring calmness and relaxation into your home whilst their hygroscopic properties clean the air you and your family are breathing. Say goodbye to the common allergies and sleepless nights! Avoid purchasing expensive air ionizers and therefore avoid making a dent in your budget! Wait no more to purchase the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps and place them all throughout your home instead!

I am sure that after reading this article you become more knowledgeable about Himalayan Salt Lamps, Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp, Where to place and how this lamp is useful in our day to day life.

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