Everyone Should Know How Meditation Makes Your Life Joyful


Everyone Should Know How Meditation Makes Your Life Joyful

Meditation is an activity or practice that helps in providing relaxation and calmness to the mind and body. It involves focusing our attention to feel stress-less. For some people, meditation is concentrating the mind, while some consider it to be an imagination. But the goal of meditation remains same i.e.to provide a feeling of peace and satisfaction. This practice has evolved in eastern countries such as India, China, and Japan, over thousands of years ago and eventually in the last few decades it came up with so many health benefits known to the world. It primarily started with a religious thought but is now being practiced widely in western countries because of its enormous positive impacts on human health.

What is the core of meditation

Meditation involves using synchronized breathe and mind power to wipe away the negative and unwilling thoughts, to be in a relaxed state. This occurs when the mind is deeply silent, yet fully aware. It may help you uplift your emotional and physical state by reducing stress in life.Positive Energy


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a medicine of natural healing. Some researchers support the idea of using meditation for certain medical illnesses. It may be beneficial in conditions such as:

People with any of the above conditions should consult their doctors before start practicing it because sometimes, it may worsen certain cases.

Benefits of meditation

Benefit of meditation

Types of Meditation

Imagery / creative meditation:

  • Involves imagining or visualizing images that soothe and brings calmness to the mind
  • One may require guided help of a trainer
  • Improves qualities such as happiness, patience, fearlessness, respect among others

Mantra meditation:

  • Chanting repeatedly a spiritual word or phrase loudly to block the disturbing thoughts
  • It is actually the mantra sound that becomes subject of focus

Mindfulness meditation:

  • Involves free flow of thoughts without judging (accepting whatever thoughts run in the mind) rather than focusing on one thought or trying to block thoughts
  • Emphasizes mindful attention even in the presence of a noisy environment


  • Plays a vital role in traditional Chinese healing therapies
  • Involves focusing on the breath to let the energy flow through the organs
  • It directs breathing to circulate the energy in body and soul


  • A form of Chinese martial arts
  • Involves deeply breathing and meditating by a synchronized pattern of postures/movements

Transcendental meditation

  • Involves sitting in a relaxed posture with the back straight and silently repeating a mantra
  • Based on focusing breathe and practicing detachment from the material world to feel inner peace


  • Involves both mind and body by performing a series of poses
  • Breathing focus is important
  • Improves concentration as well as flexibility and strength of muscles



Yoga Benefits

Meditation in everyday life

A beginner can learn meditation in groups or individually by joining a meditation center under the guidance of a teacher or guru. People meditate according to their preferences and needs. Some people meditate on a daily basis while others practice it occasionally. What matters is the quality time one spends meditating.

Following are the ways that may help in practicing meditation on our own:

  • Practicing deep and slow breathing is a good start to meditate. It involves focusing on the breath during exhaling and inhaling
  • Paying attention to the sensations of the body by focusing on the body parts and combining this practice with deep breathing
  • Chanting a religious or non-religious mantra in repeating patterns
  • Movement meditation can be practiced by walking and focusing on the movement of the body, especially feet and legs. It can be done while walking anywhere. This involves a slow and steady walk and concentrating on the walking pattern.
  • Most widely used form of meditation is prayer. Reading religious writings or listening to them has been used to feel peace since ages. It lets us connect with the inner-self. Spiritual music or sacred teachings/words has proven to feel relaxed and motivated
  • Focusing on a sacred object uplifts the emotional state of mind. One can also use his mind visualization to create or form images that help in weaving soothing feelings such as joy and gratitude.

Points to Remember

  • Generally, considered safe for healthy people
  • Focusing attention is the most important feature of meditation
  • Relaxed and deep breathing is the key to meditate
  • A peaceful and quiet place is helpful to prevent distractions for beginners
  • Try a relaxed and comfortable posture while performing meditation
  • Meditation may provide a complimentary benefit to the medical treatments thus, traditional medical therapies should not be compromised with meditation
  • Always remember that it improves with practice and patience
  • Don’t get irritated as it is natural that the thoughts get juggled up and the mind wanders while meditating
  • Once started, keep trying different forms of meditation as by experimenting, one tends to know that which form of the meditation works best for him/her according to the needs

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  1. Beautiful post with easy to understand words , today I came to know about the other methods like Chinese methods of meditation , very useful and yes my doctor suggested me to meditate for ibs

  2. What a great post! More folks should medicate and start doing it before they are in a crisis situation (where they need calmness) don’t you think? That way when the ‘poop hits the propeller’, you can more easily settle into that place of peace that will help you get through the crisis more or less mentally intact. And I’m saying this from personal experience.

  3. this is something that i have contemplated in the past. your post has pushed me a little further in that direction. i may actually try meditation (though i am sure i would need a coach). Thank you

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