Most Effective Stress Management Activities For Stress Free Life

Stress Management Activities

Stress is nothing but it is a way of response by your body to any demand or reactions. Stress always stimulate your adrenal gland which releases a hormone called Cortisol which activates your body during the emergency. It is called “Fight and Flight” hormone. In the stress your heartbeat becomes faster, muscles get tighten, your blood pressure gets the increase, you start feeling fatigue. If stress persists for the longer period of time it causes depression and anxiety, high blood pressure, sleep disorder and many more. That is why it is required to manage the stress. Stress can be managed by best and effective stress management activities.

Stress is not always bad. Sometimes it is beneficial as if you have to complete your project in a short period of time. But if you are always with stress then it is not at all good. As it decreases your efficiency, concentration, stamina and much more. That is why follow stress management activities.

This article contains the following point-

  1. What is Stress?
  2. How is stress management activities useful?
  3. What are the negative effects of stress?
  4. How Is Stress Beneficial?

What Is Stress

Stress is the response of your body to any threat or demand or action. Stress is not always bad but if you always carry stress along with you that is not good for your health.

Due to stress your body release hormone that is Cortisol which also plays a role to increase your weight, so if you want to decrease your body weight, you have to also look at stress management.

Stress can be managed by your Physical activities or recommended stress management activities.

Stress Management Activities

There are most useful stress management activities are as follows –

1. Find Out The Source Of Stress – Stress cannot be managed until or unless you do not know the sources of stress. That is why it is very important to know the sources which cause stress.

The stressor can be anything like- Work culture, Job change, personal issues, divorce, argument and much more. You should also observe your feeling, thought, behavior and many more in the stress.

You can some of the questions with you only to find out the sources of stress –

  • What is the reason for stress?
  • What are your reactions to stress?
  • How you react to stress?

All the above questions and answers will help you with the stress management.

2. Involve in Physical Activities – Stress can be managed with stress management activities which consist of physical activity also.

Physical activity or exercise is not only good for health but it also endorphin which makes you feel good.

Daily 30 minutes exercise relaxed you and distract you from stress. You can do physical activity in many ways-

  • Daily morning and evening walk.
  • Go to the Gym.
  • Go to swimming.
  • Do cycling and running.

3. Relax Your Mind –Stress mainly affects your thought, your nervous system and finally your body. Always try to relax your mind as it improves your concentrations, power to fight with stress and much more.

You can relax your mind in many ways like –

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Listening to Music.
  • Do something that you like.
  • Get your Body Massages

4. Make Working Schedule or Fun Schedule-It has been observed that many people who had more stress had no schedule for their work and fun.

Make a working schedule for your work and fun schedule for the fun. In this way, you do your work on time and also do enough enjoyment.

Never Mix working and fun schedule. This will improve your efficiency.

Prioritize your work-Make a list of work that you have to do. Do the high priority task first then second and so on.

Break your project into the piece so that you can do it or finish your project without any stress.

5. Do Social Connects – Spend quality of time with others or who can understand you and you feel safe and good with them. It is not always necessary that connecting with others make you feel happy that is why it is necessary to connect with right people.

Tips to make social connections or a good relationship with others-

  • Talk to your working colleague.
  • Do morning and evening walk in the park.
  • Have a coffee or lunch with friends.
  • Go for Workout.

Stress management activities only work if you follow it regularly.

6. Take Sound Sleep – You have observed that if you do not sleep properly or adequate, you feel fatigued and anxious.

It is very much needed to sleep adequate to feel fresh and for the peaceful mind.

Sound sleep also improves your efficiency and concentrations.

7. Take Healthy Diet – Healthy diet is always good for your health. If your diet is proper then you will feel fresh, energetic, and active which help you to complete your work on time.

There are a few things that you should inculcate in your habits if you wanted to manage stress-

  • Do not eat more sugar.
  • Reduce caffeine and soft drink.
  • Avoid alcohol and Cigarette.
  • Eat Green and leafy vegetables and maintain the healthy and protein diet.

8. Learn An Art To Say “NO”- It has been found that people over commit to anyone regarding any things which cause stress many a time.

It is very important to learn to say NO. It is good stress management activities or technique. Most of the time many people come under pressure or stress because of it.

9. Maintain Positive Attitude- Attitude matter a lot, positive attitude gives the power to fight with stress whereas negative attitude always creates stress.

10. Take Deep Breaths – Inhale and exhale your breath slowly-slowly throughout a day when you are feeling stress as this practice help you a lot.

All the above-mentioned stress management activities play a good role to control stress. Only require discipline.

Side Effects of Stress- If stress persist for the longer period of time it cause many problems like –

  • Depression and Anxiety.
  • High Blood Pressure.
  • Sleep Disorder.
  • Weight Disorder.
  • Inefficiency in work.

All the disorder can be managed with all mentioned stress management activities.

Benefits of Stress – Some time stress is beneficial for us like -to complete your work on time, to achieve your short-term project.

I hope this article will improve your understanding of the stress and stress management activities and hence you can manage or remove your stress.

If any improvement requires you can also comment or suggest me.

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