Using Toilet paper on Toilet Seat is doing more Harm than Good

Urinary Tract Infection

Using Toilet paper on Toilet Seat is doing more Harm than Good

Whenever you are traveling or are at your office, using the public restroom is always a great risk. Due to the unhygienic toilet seats, there is a higher risk that a person using the toilet might catch a bacteria or infection that can lead to a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). While this is a fact that toilet seats of public toilets are not safe, there is a myth circling for decades that using toilet paper while using the toilet can save you from the infection and bacteria!

The myth is circling for a long time now and it is also widely followed by men and women around the world. According to Prof. Philip Tierno of NYU Langone Medical center have said during an interview that according to their research, using toilet paper does more damage and it is of no good! And this is not based on assumptions, there is an actual theory that you make you realize that you were doing it all wrong till date.

There was a research conducted by the students of NYU Langone Medical center and they found out that most people that use the public restroom, they might put the toilet seat up while urinating, but they do not put the toilet seat up while flushing the toilet. So, whenever someone flushes the toilet after using it, they do not put the toilet seat up and the force of the flushing water can splash the water up to 2 meters high! As a result to that, what happens is that whenever someone flushes the toilet, the germs, and bacteria that are present in the water lands on the Toilet seat. And when someone puts toilet paper on the wet seat, the bacteria will only get absorbed in the paper and ultimately you risk yourself!

Well now that we know as to why we must not use the toilet paper on the toilet seat, what can be done? For females using the toilet for urinating, there is a Female Urination Device called Pee Funnel that helps women to stand and pee can be used to avoid making contact with the toilet seat eliminating the risk of getting UTIs and kidney infections. But, if you need to defecate, and there is no other option but to use the public restroom, you can defecate in the squat position. Squat positions can be painful and awkward at times, but it is far better than catching a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) that can affect your health.

UTIs are very common amongst the women of India. But, due to the sensitivity of the subject, many women refuse to take medical consult and some of them also feel ashamed discussing such problems with anyone. But, taking UTI lightly is a huge mistake that women are making these days. In India, there are more than 10 million cases of UTIs registered every year! And in many of the cases, the UTIs are recurrent and they can severely affect the health of the host.

Also, what women do not know is there are many symptoms of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), even stomach ache is a symptom of UTI! And there are three kinds of UTIs, the ones that affect the uterus, the one that affects the bladder and the one that affects the Kidneys. While most of the UTIs are not fatal, the UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) that infects the kidney can be dangerous and in extreme cases can be fatal too. Also, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) once cured can happen again if not taken proper care. There are many such women who suffer from recurrent UTIs.

One major problem in India is women in India are not proactive when it comes to UTIs. Since it is one of the taboo subjects, women don’t discuss or take advice for the prevention of any such conditions and they only tend to take action once they are affected by any such diseases. While we have a cure for all such UTIs, their recurrent nature can be a dreadful experience for a major part of a woman’s life. Hence, it is essential that women take essential proactive steps to prevent UTIs from happening. While we have suggested ways to keep women safe from public restrooms, there are many other precautions that can be taken to keep the body away from UTIs, pelvic muscle exercises, keeping the vaginal area clean, removing pubic hair and many such steps.

So, instead, to being post active and risking your health by not taking any action or putting a threat to your health by following such unhealthy myths like using toilet papers on toilet seats, it is essential that women rely only on expert advice. Also, it is essential to spread such message to all the women for whom you care about. So please share this blog to spread awareness regarding such a topic.

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Nikita Chopra is a woman entrepreneur and a women empowerment believer who manufactures a Reusable and Portable Female Urination Device made out of medical silicon designed for the Indian women of all the age groups to help them stand and pee. You can follow Go Easy for great motivational posts and information on woman health on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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