What is the Chance of Pregnancy If you had unsafe Sex

Chances of Pregnancy

What is the Chance of Pregnancy If you had unsafe Sex

Like other fun and activities, sex also carries risk if you are not using proper protection while intercourse. For some women, getting pregnant meet immense pleasure, joy but for some, it is a cause of worry. Happiness, Joy or worry all depends on whether your pregnancy is planned or it happened because of mistake. This is why most women in reproductive age or who want to conceive have many questions and doubts regarding chances of pregnancy.

What Are The Chances of Pregnancy if You did Unprotected Sex-

If you had unprotected intercourse or sex with your partner, there is a good chance of getting pregnant, Pregnancy does not only depend on the intercourse but also depends on the certain conditions like – Your body Hormone, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, and Sperms.

The First factor that you should consider is the timing for the chance of pregnancy –

  • Your Last Period.
  • Your date of intercourse.

Pregnancy generally occurs around the Ovulation Period. Ovulation period is the time when ovary release egg in the fallopian tubes. If any reproductive age women or girls having regular menstrual cycle having ovulation in the midway of the Menstrual cycle. Ovulation usually happens 12 to 16 days before your next period starts.

  • During the Ovulation period body start releasing the hormone called estrogen which causes thicken the lining of the uterus and creates sperm friendly environment.
  • The high level of estrogen triggers another hormone called Luteinising Hormone(LH). The release of LH cause the release of a mature egg and the complete process is called Ovulation.

Important things that should be kept in your mind related to the chance of pregnancy is the survival of egg and sperm. The egg is most viable in the first 24 hrs of release but may survive up to 48 hrs and sperm is most viable within 48 hrs but may survive up to 5 days.

Let us understand certain conditions and the chance of getting pregnant

  • Chance of Pregnancy during Period – There is very less chance of getting pregnant during the period but not impossible
  • Chances of Pregnancy right before of your period – Chances of pregnancy are lower right before of your period, because at this time egg in more delicate condition. If you ovulate very late then there may be a chance but it is very rare.
  • Chance of getting pregnant in mid-cycle – This is an ideal time to get pregnant.The closer to mid-cycle intercourse higher the chance of pregnancy, Because this is the general ovulation period when ovaries release the egg. It is estimated that a healthy couple under the age of 35 years 25% gets pregnant in the single sexual act at this period. Sex mid-cycle does not give the guarantee, it just shows the highest chance.

There are certain questions which generally comes to your mind related to the chance of pregnancy while sex-

  • Chances of pregnancy if you had sex in water – Sperms can survive in water for short while, unless ejaculate inside of your partner body, chances are very less.
  • Chances of Pregnancy if condom fell off or broke – It is very embarrassing if it occurs but if it happens then there is a possible chance to get the positive result.

Early Sign and Symptoms of Pregnancy-

If you did unprotected intercourse or did by willing and then missed the next period check it with pregnancy checker.If the result comes positive means either it creates happy, joyful moment or causes worry.

Symptoms of Pregnancy –

  • A Missed Period-If your period comes on a regular basis and then missed. In this case, do pregnancy check and if it comes positive then you are pregnant.
  • Frequent Urination – After getting pregnant, there are some hormonal changes occurs which increase the rate of blood flow through the kidney. This causes your bladder to fill more quickly .so feel frequent urination.
  • Food Abhorrence –If you are newly pregnant, your like or dislike for foods change. Any dish that you love earlier suddenly feel repulsive. It may be the side effect of increased level of estrogen.
  • Mood Swings – During pregnancy mood swings is the common phenomenon with all.
  • Feel Exhausted – During pregnancy women generally, feel exhausted. It may be because of frequent urination at night and food dislike.
  • Sore Breast –This is the common symptoms of pregnancy like – sensitive and swollen breast. It happens because of the increased level of Hormones. Soreness and swelling feeling or discomfort generally diminish after the first trimester.
  • Elevated basal body temperature.
  • Abdominal bloating, Nausea and Vomiting.

After Reading this article, I hope you have increased your understanding or your doubts related to chances of pregnancy and early sign and symptoms of pregnancy.

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