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Foods that increase testosterone

 Testosterone is a male hormone and it plays an important role to determine male characters like increased voice, muscles development, hair growth, bone density, and sexuality. Testosterone is produced by testicles of men and ovaries of the female. The small amount of testosterone also produced in the adrenal gland. After 40 of age, it starts decreasing and can cause many problems like libido, low mood, decrease sex drive and concentration and many more(1). There are some of the foods that increase testosterone naturally.


Testosterone is the true measure of manhood, and it plays an important function in the determination of sexuality as well as reproduction. Medical research also shows that it plays a role in male hair-growth, the density of bones, as well as red blood cell contents.Foods that Increase Testosterone

The more a man grows, however, the more there is a consistent decline in the level of testosterone production, and this is due to an array of factors is as a result of exposure to chemicals which although affect testosterone adversely while increasing the production of estrogen, due to an influx of estrogen production compounds such as pollutions, water as well as food. It is therefore expected that there is a consistent decrease in sex drive, memory as well as concentration problems, and erectile dysfunction. There, however, are a number of ways by which testosterone level be boosted, through entirely natural means. There are also some of the foods that increase testosterone naturally. Add these foods in your diet and be happy.


Boosting your testosterone level

 1. Zinc consummation: Zinc has been proven to be an important mineral in testosterone boosting. There is an estimation that 45% adults above 60years of age have a consistently lower level of intake of zinc, and this leads to the reduction in the production of zinc, therefore, the presence of zinc does not only guarantee a boost in testosterone production, but also that absence of it implies a decrease. The best means through which zinc could, however, be ingested is through food. Food, for example, raw cheese, raw milk, yogurt as well as beans are important sources of zinc.

2. Loss of weight: Studies have shown that there is a parasitic relationship between the accumulation of excess fat in the body leading to obesity and the production of testosterone. Over time, it has been proving that excess fat in the body implies a low testosterone level, therefore the decrease of fat in the body will allow more room for testosterone development.

3. Vitamin D optimization: It is well known in the medical world that Vitamin D is an important nutrient in hormone development, as well as the nucleus in sperm cells that allow for the maintenance of sperm count as well as semen quality. This allows it to be a natural means through which one can boost testosterone development in the male system as well as the libido. One of the best and most efficient ways to boost the level of Vitamin D is through exposure to the rays of the sun. Alternatively, alternate ingestion of the mineral can be practiced which has been proven to be less effective as well as takes the longest time to show productivity.

4. Limiting sugar intake: with alarming regularity, there is a reduction in sugar level with the intake of sugar. This is because sugar ingestion leads to an increase in insulin production which in itself is a counter to testosterone production. Besides the physical satisfaction of sweetness that is involved in the ingestion of sugar, there is the neural defect that has to do with the triggering of dopamine signals in the brain, which is not good for the body. Thus, a relapse in sugar intake can considerably help with the production of testosterone in the body.

5. Tribulus Terrestris and ginger intake: the Tribulus Terrestris has been repeatedly proven to be a plant that although might be cumbersome to pronounce, have an important role to play in the improvement of the erection as well as a change in the sexual ability of men that have low sperm counts. Besides the satisfactory enjoyment that one may derive from taking ginger, there is a lot of positive roles it performs in the body.

Ginger has been proven to be a major player in the boosting of semen quality as well as one of the best testosterone enhancers.

6. Healthy fats: There is a class of fats that are considered to be healthy, they include any saturated fat, and this is because they are considered key players in the increase in testosterone level. These kinds of saturated fatty products can be gotten from vegetable as well as animals. They could also be gotten from dietary products as well as plants of the tropic, like coconuts.

Foods that increase testosterone

1.Eggs: Eggs especially egg yolk is one of the foods that increase testosterone. Egg yolk contains rich amount of Vitamin D that is helpful to boost testosterone.

But taking egg regularly and for the longer period of time may increase cholesterol level.

2. Salmon Fish: Salmon fish is a rich source of Magnesium, Vitamin B and Omega-3-fatty acid which is one of the foods that increase testosterone level or boost testosterone.

3.Spinach: Spinach is one the food item which contains magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Iron which acts as a testosterone booster. Everybody who wants to increase testosterone they should add spinach as foods that increase testosterone.

4.Honey: Natural honey contains Boron which is a natural mineral which helps to boost your testosterone level. Honey is also helpful to improve bone strength. It also contains magnesium which makes it the best food that increases testosterone level. Honey also contains nitric acid which opens the blood vessel and helpful for erection.

5.Garlic: Garlic contains allicin and diallyl-disulfide which is helpful to improve testosterone level. Allicin is helpful to reduce the cortisol and improve the testosterone level. Those who want to improve testosterone level they should eat one clove of garlic every day.

6. Lemon: Lemon comes under one of the foods that increase testosterone level. It is helpful to reduce the cortisol level and thus improve testosterone level. Lemon also contains Vitamin A which makes it more effective.

7. Beans: Beans are the great source of Zinc and Vitamin D. Both these elements are very effective for the improvement of testosterone level. Every individual who wanted to be a man they should add bean into their diet.

8. Oyster: Oysters are the rich source of Zinc and Zinc has a great impact on the improvement of testosterone level. It makes oyster as one of the best foods that increase testosterone level.

Factors which affect testosterone level

  1. Obesity leads to lower testosterone level.
  2. Stress releases cortisol hormone and reduces the production of testosterone.
  3. Sleep deprivation cause anxiety and stress and which affect testosterone secretion.
  4. Habit to eat Junk foods means carbohydrate intake reduced testosterone.
  5. Alcohol intake and smoking negatively affect your testosterone.

All the above-mentioned foods or elements or factors have a strong relationship with testosterone. So if anybody wants to improve they should opt for these things and be happy.

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