How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction? 11 Best & Proven Methods Revealed!!

Causes of Impotence

We, humans, have been doomed to live in such a manner that our daily lifestyle gets affected due to the 9-5 working cycle. This has ultimately given rise to so many disorders which don’t require treatment (at the initial stage), but due to our carelessness, tend to dominate over our body. As a reason, people tend to fall for pills such as Generic Viagra & Cialis for the erectile dysfunction. You no need to worry, there are many ways through which you can treat your erectile dysfunction. Here you will know how to cure Erectile Dysfunction.

You can easily buy generic Cialis to get relief from ED, but it is to be made sure that these drugs require a doctor’s prescription.   Moreover, for a couple to lead a healthy sex life, it becomes essential that there aren’t any differences involved between the two & that they’re honest with each other regarding their health issues.

In our society, where men are considered to be strong & said to hold onto their emotions, it becomes difficult for them to discuss their problems freely. Erectile Dysfunction is one such problem that men usually don’t talk about. Erectile Dysfunction (or ED, also known as impotence) is the inability to get or sustain an erection. However, is there a cure for this problem? Or for that matter, the question arises, “How to cure Erectile Dysfunction? How can ED be cured?”.

11 Best & Proven Methods Revealed – How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

1. Exercise is all you Need

The cure to any ailment lies within you. Health experts suggest that one should walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Exercise not only has a positive impact on your mental health but physical health as well. Exercise improves blood flow and increases nitric oxide levels in blood vessels, thus, increasing the erectile strength & libido. It is the quintessential example of combating the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. Kegel exercises can readily boost your erections & help you to cure this problem.


2. Health is Wealth

The diet you take has a direct impact on your body. There are foods which can be used to cure erectile dysfunction. Deductions from various studies suggest that men who eat fruits, vegetables & whole grains, and avoid red meat & processed grains are less likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Therefore, eating certain nutrient-rich foods & avoiding some can help to reduce the problem of ED. Reach out for foods like watermelon. Watermelon is considered as a natural Viagra and can help to relax & dilate blood vessels.

3. Smoking is injurious to Health

Smoking causes damage to almost every part of your body. The chemicals present in the cigarette injure the lining of the blood vessels & also harm your heart, brain & other tissues of the body. As the lining of blood vessels is damaged, the blood flow is disrupted due to which the person cannot maintain an erection.


4. Limit your Alcohol Intake

Frequent drinking can worsen the effects of ED. Drinking causes dehydration & affects the liver & other body parts as well. For people who indulge in binge drinking, it is advised to drink a glass of water after each glass of drink they take. The CNS or the Central Nervous System is responsible for releasing nitric oxide which is used to produce & maintain an erection. Due to drinking alcohol,

5. ED Drugs can Help you Fight this Problem

For many of those 30 million Americans who have erectile dysfunction, Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis is the first field of ED treatment. These drugs are known as Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE Type 5) inhibitors, which have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and work by increasing blood flow to the penis. These drugs can be easily bought online from various sites or can be purchased from a nearby pharmacy store with a doctor’s prescription. Generic versions of these drugs, such as Generic Viagra or Generic Cialis are relatively cheaper. You can easily buy Generic Viagra online or Generic Cialis online. Common side effects include nasal congestion and headaches. Note: If you take nitroglycerin pills to cure cardiovascular problems, you shouldn’t go for ED pills, as they may lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

6.Use of Herbal Medicines

Using herbal medicines to treat virtually any problem is contentious because their effectiveness and safety aren’t consistently researched. However, there are always a couple of herbs which demonstrate promise in treating ED.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): a hormone that’s been demonstrated to boost libido in both women & also help men with ED.

L-arginine: an amino acid that helps expand arteries to increase blood flow. Unwanted effects such as nausea and diarrhea are associated with it.

Ginseng: The Korean herb Red Ginseng has been used to treat impotence or ED in men.

7. Acupuncture: Use of Needles to Treat ED

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese technique where certain elements of the human body are stimulated, often with needles. This technique has been into since centuries. It’s dependent upon rebuilding the balance of one’s own body’s chi to revive and maintain health.

Acupuncture is thought to work by stimulating your nerves, which discharge hormones, which in turn boost your threshold of pain. It might also raise the flow of blood circulation, help regulate blood glucose, and make additional health and fitness benefits.


Practitioners of this medicine describe acupuncture for a means to reestablish pathways and permit lively healing.

8. Shock Wave Therapy: The future of ED Treatment

The thought of using low-energy shock-waves to cure erectile dysfunction comes from studies which reveal that these kinds of shocks help re-growing of these blood vessels, by a process known as revascularization. Shockwave therapy can additionally get the job done on the manhood, as promising results have been achieved through this technique.

9. The revolutionary Penile Injections

Every person is not comfortable using oral pills & so; penile injections can be used to obtain an erection. These injections can be directly injected into the penis. They work by relaxing the smooth muscle & opening the blood vessels of the penis. Some of these include Alprostadil, Papaverine & Phentolamine.

10. Lose Weight & Live a Happy Sex Life  

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar levels are all related to your cardiovascular health which can damage the arteries in the heart. These ultimately cause damage to erectile health leading to Erectile Dysfunction. You should consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed regularly if you suffer from any of these problems. One should indulge in activities such as weight training programs as this problem has been seen mostly in men who are overweight.

11. Take a Sound Sleep

Your sleep cycle also plays an important role & is a contributing factor for Erectile Dysfunction. Poor sleep patterns lead to issues such as Erectile Dysfunction. When to release hormones is determined by the body’s sleep cycle. Thus, following a particular sleep schedule helps to reduce the symptoms of ED.

Sound Sleep


The testosterone hormone also plays a vital role for the male hood and erectile of the penis. There are proven foods that increase testosterone level and get rid of erectile dysfunction.

I am sure that now people looking for the solution to cure erectile dysfunction will be happy. Here I have discussed every aspect of how to cure erectile dysfunction. As well as also mentioned that which foods are helpful to get rid of Erectile dysfunction.

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  1. nice article. most times erectile dysfunction is caused by lifestyle, low testosterone levels or aging. which is why early detection is very crucial. getting tested.

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