IVF and the misconception: Clear all your doubts and be a happy couple

IVF and the Misconception

IVF and The Misconception

IVF is getting quite popular day-by-day but the misconception can also not be ignored. We are living in the digital age but still, there are so many people out there having not enough information regarding IVF. Sometimes, it leads towards believing misconception. Here, we are going to put light on it to bring you out of the dilemma.

Infertility – A Taboo

Infertility was not less than a curse earlier. Women or couple having infertility has to face a lot of disrespect and humiliation because of being not able to give birth to a child. The important thing is that earlier person used to think that only a woman can be responsible for infertility. People were not enough awareness that it takes two to make a baby. Moreover, infertility can affect both genders. According to the study, 10-15% of the couple all across the world is having infertility.

We all need to understand that life is not fair sometimes. Some people think that why they have infertility. Why they have to have IVF treatment? Why they have to go through this medical procedure? However, on the other side, you also need to understand that you have even the option to get over it. Some people do not get pregnant even after having fertility treatment because of unknown reasons for infertility.

Before making any decision on your own, you need to visit a trustworthy doctor. They will let you know that what reasons you are having issues in conceiving are. Awareness is the only solution to get out of stress. You need to listen to your doctor carefully that what they say about the treatment option. We should be thankful for the advanced treatment option along with the internet too. Now, people can easily accumulate the needed information from trustworthy sources.  Moreover, people should also discreetly discuss the points.

The best thing is that celebrities are also paying attention to it. Apart from it, young women desperate to make their career are also going with the option of egg freezing so that they can enjoy motherhood whenever they want. Saying would not wrong that fertility preservation could be a boon to people also going under cancer treatment or confronting face autoimmune or genetic diseases.

In this context, Michelle Obama can also be an ideal option since this couple also had IVF treatment to conceive both their daughters. Now more people are finding IVF an ideal treatment to have kids. Her story can inspire many people easily since they are adored by the legion of people all across the world. Moreover, it shows how people’s life has changed after having IVF.

IVF and infertility


Do Understand Your Body –

Being part of the hectic schedule, we hardly pay attention to our body. But you should not ignore. It is important to keep a close eye over the changes your body is having. Make sure that you do not ignore if find anything wrong. It is important to notice the warning signs. And fertility is considered as the crucial function of this machine. You need to understand all about the fertility to stay away from infertility. You need to understand your body putting the efforts. And this is important for men and women both. You need to keep these important things in your mind if you are going to have a pregnancy.

  • Do follow up your doctor for regular checkups
  • Maintain a track of your cycle so that anything wrong could be noticed easily
  • Do have timed intercourse to have great results
  • You also need to consult with the doctor if you have any sort of hormonal imbalance
  • Keep having vitamin supplements to keep yourself healthy
  • Do have nutrients-rich-diet to stay healthy and fit
  • No to smoking as it leaves a negative impact on your body
  • Have a good sleep to keep your mind at peace

The First Test Tube Baby – A Hope To Couples Having Infertility –

In 1978, the birth of the first test-tube baby occurred in England. It was not less than a miracle. Legion of couples having infertility got a hope to have their baby because of advanced medical science. It was all about the fertilization of an egg by sperm but in the laboratory using a particular dish. And once the fertilization gets successful, it was placed naturally in the fallopian tube of a woman. Earlier, people used to think that the entire procedure of IVF is unnatural as well as unethical. Moreover, people also associated this technology with religion saying it hurts religious sentiments. On the other hand, many people were quite happy with the results and considered it the best. In the starting, many people were confused but finally understood the importance of IVF. The fact cannot be ignored that society always takes time to accept any new changes.

Be Strong If You Are Having IVF Treatment –

IVF misconception used to happen since there were so many people out there not understanding the issues. Now, people are getting aware of it. They keep searching and discussing with the doctors to know all about it. Couples know how to avoid pregnancy as a variety of contraceptives in the form of pills available in the market. But the important thing is that they also need to know how to plan a pregnancy? It gets difficult when your body does not cooperate. And the answer is no since most couples are not aware of it. For pregnancy, it is essential to make everything working smoothly including

  • Woman’s Menstrual Cycle,
  • Hormonal Balance,
  • Ovulation,
  • Intercourse At The Right Time
  • And Good Quality Sperm

There are so many people still not having proper information about IVF treatment center in Bangalore. They still go with misconceptions, misunderstanding, and fear. First, we need to understand that IVF is not an unnatural process. Infertility specialists are only playing a wide role to help couples to cope with infertility

  • You do not need to get uncomfortable if having IVF. It is treatment and we should be grateful to medical science to make this miracle happen.
  • Do not hold anything regarding this treatment inside your mind. Try to open up and have a conversation regarding your problems.
  • Not clearing your confusions can only increase your pains and issues. People need to understand that sitting alone and sobbing is not a solution. You do not need to be silent.
  • You need to understand that some people could be supportive if you explain them.
  • Discuss with them how it was their experience. The realities such as fertility issues, miscarriages, etc., should be openly discussed.

Conclusion –

Infertility is not a big thing if you have timely treatment. All you need to do is choose the right clinic to have the quality-based treatment. You are not along having infertility but there are so many all across the world. Even celebrities are also having this treatment to get blessed with the child.

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  1. We had our daughter via IVF. Our problem wasn‘t infertility as such, but the damage left by an ectopic pregnancy and the discovery that the damaged fallopian tube was my only one. IVF was our only option for my health. I do agree though that there is a lot of still attached to IVF and that we put a lot of mental and emotional pressure on ourselves when it comes to using such treatments.

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