5 Foods to avoid for improving your sexual performance

Sexual performance

Great sex life is linked to a strong relationship while keeping you physically and emotionally healthy. Bad or undesirable sex, on the other hand, inculcates a sense of fear in men for the most obvious emotional reasons. There are many suggested diets and foods for improving your sexual performance, but do you know there are certain foods that you should avoid to improve your libido?

The everyday diet affects sexual life both in a positive and negative way. While some foods boost your sexual performance, there are some of our favorite foods that actually kill sexual desire. They affect the energy levels, blood flow and decreases testosterone.

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 Avoid Foods to improves your sexual performance

1. Junk food – Junk food is a root cause of many health problems. They cause heart troubles, clogging arteries and decreases blood flow to the penis that leads to erectile dysfunction. It is the clinical observation that obese men have a lower level of testosterone. But that does not mean that every obese man has a low testosterone level.

2. Adopt healthy nutrition – Best diet including foods like chickpeas, eggs, avocados, spinach, walnuts, watermelon, ginger and fish rich in omega-3.  Try shedding those extra pounds for a natural boost in the testosterone level. Try working out for a minimum of 150 minutes per week. Dr. Brahmbhatt, the renowned sexologist says, “The more your body can tolerate physical activity and exercise, the more likely you will be able to go longer and stronger in the bedroom.”

3. Easy drive – In takeaways are one of the most preferred foods when in a rush or when hunger pangs strike suddenly. It can be a delicious hamburger, a hotdog, a bucket of crispy fried chicken wings, nachos or a packet of chips. These fast foods are fried in the cheapest of oils and must be avoided altogether if for a great sexual performance. However, if it is not possible to give up on those foods altogether, try avoiding them on those special nights. As well as try to avoid one -one thing for your better health and better sexual performance.

4. Addiction to Alcohol – Alcohol can give you the spur of the moment, but not for a longer time. Drinking too much alcohol can cause impotence or erectile dysfunction. How does alcohol affect sex drive? Too many rounds of alcohol dip your testosterone level while increasing the estrogen level and destroying your libido.

There are medical proofs that regular heavy drinking can damage cells in the testicles thereby affecting the ability to have children.

However, if you love alcohol, you just won’t be able to give it up on any pretext. Avoid heavy drinking on a special night; instead, spice it up with a glass of wine along with your partner.

5.Sweet Tooth – The unanimous love for candies, donuts, pastries and everything that is sugary brings out the child in us. But sugar kills sex life.

Sugar impacts the overall cardiovascular health that affects the uninterrupted blood flow thereby taking a toll on penis health directly.

According to the 2013 study published by the Clinical Endocrinology, an observation was made that men between the age group of 19-74 years after having 75 grams of sugar had an average of 25 % decrease in the level of testosterone which remained suppressed for about two hours.

So have natural sugars like a bowl of fruit salad. Keep the processed sugars to a limit of 36 gms. per day for men.

Are you a Vegan?

The vegan diet is said to be the youth elixir, but it is a huge downer when it comes to a healthy sex life.  A vegan diet cuts down on animal meat on the whole that leads to a protein deficiency which can actually impact sexual performance.

Vitamin B complex increases the production of testosterone. Eat foods like avocados, beans, leafy green vegetables, whole grains to maintain your hormonal balance.


You can consult a nutritionist to recommend to you the necessary supplements or a change in diet.


Foods can make or break your sex life, but they are not the only factor affecting your sexual health. Consult a sexologist at the earliest if you experience any difficulties like impotency, lack of sexual desire, pain during intercourse or ejaculation problems.

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