Sustanon – action and side effects

Sustanon - action and side effects

Pharmacological action

The drug provides the body with testosterone, which is necessary for the proper growth and development of the male reproductive system. It helps the proper functioning of the testicles, ensures the maintenance of an adequate libido; erectile function; the work of the prostate, the seminal vesicles.

The use of the drug allows you to increase the concentration of testosterone, DHT, androstenedione and estradiol in plasma, and reduce the level of SHBG, LT and FSH to optimal values. Sustanon therapy eliminates the symptoms associated with lack of testosterone.

Sustanon - action and side effects

The active ingredients have a positive effect on bone mineral density and the amount of muscle mass. With obesity, it is possible to lose weight and normalize sexual function. The drug reduces the concentration of HDL, LHNP, serum triglycerides, increases the level of hemoglobin, hematocrit.

Sustanon is able to increase insulin sensitivity in diabetics. Developmentally delayed (boys), growth is accelerated and secondary sex characteristics develop rapidly. The drug can be used to masculinize transgender women.

Action and benefits

Faster Muscle Growth – An increase in testosterone, one of the most anabolic hormones, results in a significant increase in muscle tissue growth. In the first 15 weeks of the cycle, beginners often gain more than 10 kg, and 6-10 kg remain after the cycle. It is worth noting that the mass gained during the cycle is generally better than the mass gained naturally.

In addition, the presence in the blood several times higher than normal, the amount of androgens allows for a temporary shift of the genetic boundary.

Rapid Recovery – Increased testosterone and estradiol levels increase the recovery rate after exercise. The rest time between training sessions is reduced by about half. Most people can easily work out 6 times a week during their period.

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Higher Libido – Male libido is largely related to estradiol levels and the testosterone derivative DHT. During your period, the levels of these two hormones increase, resulting in a significant increase in sexual desire. Also, due to the increased thickness of the blood, the penis becomes firmer and often a little bigger (it returns to normal after the period).

Feel Better – Testosterone levels affect the amount of dopamine and cortisol your body releases. Having a good balance of these hormones improves mood, especially in people with mild depression.
Increased self-confidence – This effect is mainly seen in people who are shy or have a mild social anxiety disorder. The increase in testosterone levels makes it easier to make decisions. Contrary to popular belief, it does not increase the level of aggression.

Complete Muscles – Increased testosterone and estradiol levels cause more water to be retained in the muscles, making them permanently stiffer and visually larger. The veins are also visible during the cycle, giving the impression that the fat content is lower than it actually is.

Strong Bones – Along with HGH, testosterone is one of the major hormones responsible for bone health. As the concentration of testosterone in the body increases, its density increases.

Better sleep – During your period, sleep tends to be much deeper and your body needs less sleep than normal, assuming your physical activity levels remain the same.

Bart – During your period, testosterone levels will increase, as will DHT. DHT is responsible for the growth and density of the chin.

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Side effects

The side effects of Sustanon 250 are identical to any other form of testosterone. These include acne, gynecomastia, water retention, increased hair loss, and hypertension.

All of these effects can be prevented by purchasing substances that help control the levels of estradiol and DHT, the hormones responsible for the aforementioned side effects.

In fact, all menstrual problems, with the exception of hair loss, are caused by an insufficient ratio of estrogen to testosterone. When anabolic steroids are used, their level in the body increases due to the conversion of part of the testosterone to estradiol in the aromatase process. The level of this hormone can be controlled with substances called aromatase inhibitors. However, it should be remembered that estradiol is necessary for proper functioning and too low a level of estradiol also has many side effects.

Give yourself an injection

The moment when most beginners are afraid. After a few injections, it turns out that there is nothing to worry about. There are two injection options: subcutaneous (subq) and intramuscular (IM).

For the first method, all you need is a small insulin needle. Injecting the solution into the adipose tissue provides a more stable release of the pathogen and reduces the side effects associated with elevated estrogen levels. Unfortunately, only about 0.5ml of solution can be administered in this way at a time. Otherwise, a blister will form under the skin (it will disappear after a few days).

The intramuscular method uses much larger needles. It provides a faster release of substances, due to which the first effects of the cycle are visible faster. Thanks to this method, 2-3 ml of solution can be administered in a single injection.

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Sustanon - action and side effects

IM and Subq needle size comparison:

  1. For subq, the optimal needle size is 30G x 0.8cm (0.3in).
  2. For instant messaging, the optimal needle size is 25G x 2.5cm (1″).

Of course, in both cases, both the length of the needle and its diameter (the greater the G number, the smaller the needle diameter) can be slightly larger or smaller.

How to inject?

  • Clean the bottle: Wipe the gum on the top of the bottle with alcohol and wait for about a minute.
  • Draw as much air into the syringe as you want the oil to be drawn in (this will prevent a vacuum from forming in the vial).
  • Insert the needle and push all the air into the vial.
  • Draw the substance – a little more than necessary.
  • Without removing the needle, gently tap the syringe until there is air at the top of the syringe (behind the needle), then push the air back into the vial with any excess solution.
  • Wipe the area where you want to inject the alcohol and wait a few seconds.
  • Take the needle out of the vial and, without hesitation, stick it in the intended place (the more decisive it is, the less it hurts).
  • Inject the solution – the injection speed depends on the diameter of the needle, on average about ml/30s, but it can be slower for the first injection.
  • Disassemble the syringe in one quick motion.

Throw away the syringe – the needle can no longer be used!