Be First Cissus Quadrangularis Extract 90 capsules for joints and ligaments



Cissus Quadratus (or Quadrangular) extract is excellent for protecting your joints, bones and connective tissue. It suppresses inflammation, nourishes tissues, enhances regeneration, and has a moderate analgesic effect. What is Cissus? Not everyone knows what it is, but many of us have seen in apartments and offices indoor plants from the genus cissus – for example, the so-called “birch” (cissus rhombolistny), and sometimes cultivated and the same cissus quadrangular – a liana with thick stems, resembling in a cross section of the square (or sign of the tambourine). This particular plant is a source of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on joints, bone and connective tissue. There is evidence that Cissus extract promotes weight loss, but such an effect requires further confirmation. Where is Cissus known from? This plant has been used as a medicinal plant since antiquity, in particular in India and Tibet it has been used for many centuries and even described in various classical treatises. But Cissus is also known in other countries, where it has been used since ancient times as a wound-healing agent, especially for injuries to bones and joints. Cissus has also been used in the treatment of female ailments, especially those associated with menopause and menstrual disorders. More recently, Cissus has been used extensively in sports as an analgesic, healing joint and bone injuries, and as a supportive agent. What substances does Cissus quadratus extract contain? For extracting the extract, the above-ground parts of the plant (stem and leaves) are used. They contain acetylated derivatives of catalpol (iridoid glycoside, known for anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, antispasmodic, etc.), friedelin. actions), friedelin, amyrin and other saponins, isomeric ketosteroids, quercetin (a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties), kaempferol (characterized by anti-cancer, cardioprotective properties and slowing the formation of fat deposits), resveratrol (with anti-tumor, cardioprotective and anti-inflammatory properties), sitosterol (which reduces cholesterol), vitamin E, vitamin C and other biologically active substances. The gum contained in Cissus extract easily absorbs water and swells, which can explain the decrease in appetite – this effect is quite well studied. How does Cissus extract work? The active ingredients of Cissus increase the activity of gamk (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which manifests itself, for example, in an increase in sleep duration. Cissus also exhibits an anticonvulsant effect by relaxing muscles, and is also well known for its analgesic (pain relieving) effect, comparable in strength to that of aspirin. Cissus extract is able to improve the reproduction and growth of osteoblasts (young bone cells), secretion of IGF (insulin-like growth factor), which provides accelerated fusion of bone tissue in places of damage.


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