Testosterone boosting drug Nutrex Tribulus Tribulus Black 1300 mg 120 capsules



Tribulus Black 1300 utilizes a powerful Tribulus Terrestris extract of 1300 mg per serving to help maintain and enhance healthy testosterone levels. It is a great natural choice for active men to help boost vitality, muscle recovery and strength. Tribulus is very well known when it comes to improving natural testosterone levels and hormonal regulation. This well-studied ingredient has proven time and time again that it can positively affect muscle growth and increase libido in men. Hormonal regulation is the ultimate support for muscular body mass and improves body composition strengthening. Tribulus can help regulate natural hormone levels while increasing testosterone levels to make muscle growth much more effective. Post-cycle therapy is the main function of this ingredient, as normalizing the hormonal background in the body can improve overall health and wellness.


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